Cilantro Secret

Speaking of cilantro, I’d like to share a little secret.  One of my neighbors, who makes her way around a tri-state area, takes my wish list to Trader Joe’s when she’s in TJ’s neighborhood.  Lisa, from farm or grocer to front door, I appreciate your generosity!  So what has Lisa slipped into my Trader Joe’s shopping bag?  Fresh cilantro, frozen as tiny cubes.  Each cube equals one teaspoon.  When my fresh cilantro supply runs dry, I reach for the Dorot chopped cilantro.  For allergy concerns, note that ingredients include cilantro, water, soybean oil, starch, dextrose and salt.  I tossed a cube into last night’s chili recipe.  Lovely.  Have you tried this product or a similar alternative? 


2 responses to “Cilantro Secret

  1. I saw this last trip to TJ and thought it was neat. I’ve been told before to freeze my herbs in ice cube trays. I haven’t yet. Actually… I don’t even have ice cube trays. But that’s what it looks like they have done. My TJ had basil too I think.

  2. 1. Grow your own.
    2. Hit the market.
    3. Keep a stash of frozen cubes.

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