Cuisine-sheltered in my small hometown

Call me sheltered in the small hometown of my childhood.  I tasted few foods from around the world until I turned 18.  One of my undergrad instructors first entertained the thought of Middle Eastern cuisine.  A Lebanese American, Dr. Shaheen sent me on a journey to discover this Lebanese salad:  Tabouleh.  After some searching, I finally found the bulgur wheat I needed–at a health food store–to prepare this salad.  (The friendly folks at our local grocery didn’t stock many specialty foods.)

For tabouleh, nothing will substitute for fresh parsley.  I’m off to stock up on a few ingredients.  If I come home successful, I’ll be tossing tabouleh tonight in the cookery. 


2 responses to “Cuisine-sheltered in my small hometown

  1. You mean to tell me that a well-done hamburger smothered with Brooks Catsup and a touch of horseradish isn’t the height of culinary greatness? I’m just stunned!

    It might be interesting, however, to know if you have any recipes involving horseradish. Explore the root!

  2. It’s doubtful that I’ll ever banish backyard burgers. But I like where you’re going with the horseradish touch. This idea is worth exploring. Thanks for that, Roger!

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