The life of the party begins in the cookery

The weekend found me spending a good stretch of it around the cookery – but the blessing was the great company.  Food comes to life in new ways when we share it with friends and family.  Don’t be shy!  You know who you are.  I’ll be posting my “Road to Beijing Chicken” recipe on  Cookery Content later this week.  Until then, keep those herbs and spices ready and waiting.   


4 responses to “The life of the party begins in the cookery

  1. M.A.,
    First-time “visitor,” long time “admirer!” How special to be commenting on a post you made 2/4.

    yes, food does come to life, takes on new dimensions when sharing with family and friends. We’re setting goals of entertaining and cooking for guests at least twice a month. The cooking/entertaining also helps ME come to life!

    We need a new chicken recipe, soI’ll be checking out your your High Road to Beijing recipe. Great job with your blog…keep on bloggin’!! Talk soon, Dee

  2. Hey, Dee! Bring on the life and welcome friends to the table. Do let me know how the Beijing Chicken comes together for you. — M.A.

  3. Oh, how I love visiting your blog! Jerry and I were the lucky guests to share in your “Road to Beijing Chicken” – – and it was fabulous!! I was so happy to play in the cookery with you, cousin, & raise a glass to your happiness – – on your birthday (weekend) and always!!!! These are good times.

  4. My pleasure, as always, Kathie. You and Jerry muuuuuust let me know how your variation of the Beijing Chicken turns out in your own cookery!

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