My brag for this bag

A bag with some brag Let me brag about this bag.  Paper Nor Plastic!  Why recommend them?  They’re stout and sturdy.  The old cloth bags I’d been toting back and forth to do my shopping are no match for these.  Not only do I minimize the use of plastic bags when I restock the cookery with groceries, I carry one for my books, snacks and kid gear when I’m on the go.  How did I find them?  I didn’t.  “Green bags” were on my personal wish list.  The bags found me.  My bag pal discovered these great carry-alls at  They’ve earned my five-apple rating!   


2 responses to “My brag for this bag

  1. The “Papernorplastic” is truly a superior product. May you utilize that great replacement for paper and plastic daily…right on!!

  2. You know I do! Here’s to every effort–however small–we can make to bring it on home to Mother Nature.

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