Meet my favorite dough boy . . .Trader Giotto

Just call me lucky.  That gracious neighbor of mine stopped by Trader Joe’s again to do her shopping and filled my wish list, too.  As I’ve mentioned, we live miles and miles from the nearest TJ’s, so this gesture stands tall.

 Just delivered . . . Trader Joe’s Garlic & Herb pizza dough.  We rolled out the dough this evening.  Next came the sauce, our own basil and tomato blend.  We smothered the pie with whole milk low moisture mozzarella, sliced in large pieces and generously layered by the junior helpers.  The topping boys finished up with fresh spinach, chopped sweet pepper, sliced mushrooms, black olives and pepperoni.  Thanks, neighbor! 


4 responses to “Meet my favorite dough boy . . .Trader Giotto

  1. What is it about pizza that just has a way of bringing a family to the kitchen, to the table, to…..gether?

  2. cookerycontent

    Pizza . . . as a collaborative effort, yes. You speak from the voice of an experienced tosser, Bob.

  3. Ummm, as a tosser, I’m not so hot, but collaborative consumer of the spicy disc, you betcha!!! I’m in the fold.

  4. cookerycontent

    Welcome to the fold! And what about leftover pizza? Does a leftover slice make a good choice for a busy writer who wants to occassionally work through lunch at the keyboard?

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