Food from Farouk? Dining in the city at La Kabbr

When we dine in New York City, there are usually a few good reasons to make the hour’s drive from home. Last night, our parents sent us out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I persuaded my husband to mark our occasion at La Kabbr, 683 9th Avenue.  Farouk, the owner and chef, delivers. For a Middle Eastern dinner laced with love from his native Iraq, Farouk put all our worries aside so that the food could dominate the evening.  If you check out La Kabbr, order the Maza.  It’s not too much for two people.  We proved this.  And the Quzi, roasted tender lamb shanks with rice, was perfectly prepared.  If you’re looking for starched linens, look elsewhere.  But if you’re game for some real food in a family atmosphere where everyone is your uncle, go home to Farouk’s. 




4 responses to “Food from Farouk? Dining in the city at La Kabbr

  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great way to celebrate! I published today…. We’ll see how it goes. Congratulations on your anniversary and your fantastic blog. All our love, Mary

  2. cookerycontent

    The finished product . . . it must feel pretty good to publish that book, Mary. Here’s to your tireless hours of research, writing and editing. Congrats!

  3. When I celebrate I always prefer Middle Eastern Food, there is something warm and authentic in it.

  4. cookerycontent

    Food is life and gives us cause to celebrate – so much the better with the Middle Eastern table.

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