Lookin’ for love . . . love in a lunch box

Food shopping is not a spectator sport. It’s a challenge to keep the love flowing around the table when we need to practice defensive grocery shopping. But shoppers at my Southwest Austin neighborhood grocery added a little love to their carts yesterday.  We were five-deep waiting our turn to select fresh produce.  The line looked like love on its way to lunch boxes.  Ditching the junk food, even if it means working a little harder and waiting a little longer to bring home fresh food,  can kindle this kind of love. If we look for love in all the right places, we may find ourselves eating reasonably healthy meals.


2 responses to “Lookin’ for love . . . love in a lunch box

  1. Plenty of healthy foods for the little ones, as well as us elderly. Fruits and vegetables should be tops on the list!
    Currently, pumpkin, squash, plums, nectarines, grapes and many more of
    “in season” fruits and vegetables should be attacking our refrigerators –
    then our stomachs!

  2. Welcome back, squash! Did you say pumpkin? How about sharing your fabulous pumpkin torte recipe?

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