And I approve this . . .

Dressed Wasa

Dressed Wasa

message breakfast.

Vote here . . Wasa bread, avocado spread, roasted pumpkin seeds. No frills, no promises, no tax talk. Consider this for breakfast, lunch, snack, anytime.




6 responses to “And I approve this . . .

  1. This looks like a yummy treat – – thanks, M.A.! We’re in need of a few healthy light snacks to try out. In the meantime, we’re working hard to burn off the calories we gathered on our trip through the CA wine country. And what a food feast it was – – just heavenly! Loved Bistro Ralphs, The Farm, French Laundry, Scopa, oh my!!!

  2. Go on, go on, Kath! Welcome home and keep those healthy foods close at hand. What’s new at The French Laundry?

  3. Avocado spread? Homemade?

  4. Hello, Jessica. Definitely. A just-ripened avocado works wonders.

  5. This just melts in your mouth…it will be a regular treat served up in this country kitchen!

  6. How lucky you and yours are. Beautiful country.

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