Out with the old . . .

kitchen sink

kitchen sink

kitchen sink.

Have you ever tried to squeeze a size 8 foot into a size 6 1/2 shoe . . . to see if maybe the shoe might fit? Our bright, open kitchen with the perfectly-placed island provides great space for the cooking process. But we’ve been struggling to clean pots, pans, and oversized cutting boards in the basic sink that we acquired when we moved to Austin. A sink update can turn into an expensive project, but we’re using the DIY installation process.

If cluttered counters, poor lighting or antiquated appliances are keeping you from letting your kitchen work FOR you, choose a small project and tackle it in this new year.


4 responses to “Out with the old . . .

  1. Funny you should post about this today–I had planned to (finally) add my excuse of a post showing everyone how I’ve been using the 8″ square hall bathroom as my kitchen sink for the last 6 weeks! Good luck on your renovations.

  2. Do share the sink photographs, Mindy. Upgrades are well worth a little inconvenience. Happy dishing!

  3. Remember, if DIY doesn’t work, there is always “The Professionals”… Good Luck with your venture! More space is good!

  4. We’re nearly done!

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