Rice expert dismisses rice cooker

It has been brought to my immediate attention that my rice cooker stinks! I resist full disclosure because this little tool has served me for many years. But my local rice expert, who wouldn’t think of preparing rice longer than 15 minutes for evenly cooked rice, cannot believe that I’ve sacrificed time and perfection with a marginal method of cooking rice. So . . . as I prepare to replace the old model, I’m off to research features and prices. Recommendations welcome!

Rice Cookers


2 responses to “Rice expert dismisses rice cooker

  1. Hey! I can’t wait to find out what you get. I’m in the market for a good rice cooker and blender.

    I’m going to try the curried turkey stew tonight…

  2. The curried turkey sounds ideal for this cool weather, Addie. I’ll be excited to share the rice cooker selection news as there’s an amazing range of prices on the market! I’m aiming for a 5-cup minimum.

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