Love on the griddle

Love on the griddle

Love on the griddle

If we prepared French Toast often, this breakfast fest wouldn’t be a treat. From whole wheat bread to real maple syrup, help the kids in the kitchen put a heart-healthy spin on French Toast.

If you’re due for some authentic French romance, visit The French Fork for a lesson on making and enjoying crepes.


4 responses to “Love on the griddle

  1. Try using raisin bread for your french toast, with cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled in the milk&egg soak. My mom made that for us nearly every morning before school, and it’s still a treat!
    Do you love your griddle? I’m looking for a jumbo sized one so we can have more than 4 pancakes ready at a time. I read that some of the large ones take a very long time to heat up, though. Let me know if you recommend yours.

  2. What a great blend. We’ll try that, E! Our griddle fits nicely over two burners and allows a workable cooking surface. We heat it on low for the initial warm-up and then gradually increase heat. We also have a small griddle on our outdoor grill. It works beautifully but surface capacity is limited. The larger griddle takes my vote.

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  4. Perfecto!

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