Second-hand cookbooks measure up

Second-hand cookbooks
Second-hand cookbooks

Second-hand cookbooks measure up if you give them a chance. The Cookery extends a grateful thanks across Austin to a book treasure hunter, our friend Jane, for the latest acquisition for our collection. Middle Eastern, vegetarian, French or light and easy, we’ve learned not to snub our noses at used cookbooks. Looking to pick up a used cookbook that you can thumb through, feel the pages, splatter a little olive oil over . . .  for pennies? Though we love new cookbooks and the contemporary kitchen, we also endorse the sustainment of tested traditions. Check your local library for used cookbook sales. For sale in Austin this week . . . Cooking Light, Betty Crocker New International Cookbook, Mr. Food’s Old World Cooking (this one includes one of our favorite frugal recipes, Straw and Hay), Cooking for Every Occasion and the list continues.  


3 responses to “Second-hand cookbooks measure up

  1. Absolutely – if you’re cooking with fresh ingredients, a fruit or a vegetable is the same as it’s always been. A good recipe book is timeless.

  2. cookerycontent

    And we can scale back with focus.

  3. I do love me some cookbooks!

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