Surviving on tomatoes

Garden Fresh Tomato

Garden Fresh Tomato

Thanks, Miss E., for sharing the fruits of your garden. We finished off this beautiful garden tomato, but before I sliced it, I thought of a friend who really struggles to eat tomatoes these days. She’s grateful for this fleshy, juicy fruit, but for a long time, she ate nothing but tomatoes. On her family’s rooftop in Vietnam, tomatoes grew in a container garden. Often, her family subsisted exclusively on tomatoes because that’s all they could gather to eat. No money, no food, little hope. The story ended with a long journey and an opportunity in a new country, but my friend left the taste for tomatoes behind.


2 responses to “Surviving on tomatoes

  1. I didn’t know it was such a photogenic tomato! Thanks for the story. It’s always good to be reminded to be thankful for our bounty.

  2. cookerycontent

    I agree . . . and thanks for prompting me to recall her journey.

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