Will a down economy impact food allergies?

Back to school with food allergies

Do people eat more peanut butter in a down economy? I don’t have the answer, but I’d be tempted to serve it if I weren’t managing food allergies in my family. I’ve never packed peanut butter in lunches for my children, but as a friend refers to peanut butter, it’s an affordable menu stretcher around her table.  Because I’m entrusted to managing the food allergies of a child who must avoid peanuts among other foods, I’m factoring the down economy into my food allergy action plan as I fine-tune this year’s back to school to-do list. Sound like too much? Maybe not. There’s peanut butter in almost every other lunch box as it is, so we’re exploring the possibilities of further exposure at school. What do you think? Are you stocking up on peanut butter?


2 responses to “Will a down economy impact food allergies?

  1. Living without peanut butter? Have you tried Marmite, available at Fiesta and a few other places. Strong flavor, like Vegimite but better. Or a little curry powder in egg salad sandwiches.

  2. Marmite label review . . . now on my agenda. Curried egg salad may stand in contention, too. I’m guilty of often overlooking egg salad sandwiches as a lunch box feature. Thanks, Jane!

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