As for food . . . weekend recommendation from Austin’s Addie Broyles

Note to Austin locals:

If you’re in town this weekend and able to check out the Texas Book Festival, consider today’s recommendation from Austin’s Addie Broyles to secure a seat at 12:30 p.m. Saturday in the cooking tent to experience a little of the culinary wisdom of Lidia Bastianich. You may or may not recognize Lidia, but when you witness her love of preparing and sharing food, you won’t forget her.

I knew nothing of Lidia until I moved to New York’s Hudson Valley and received one of her cookbooks, “Lidia’s Family Table,” as a housewarming gift from my mother. My mom, who can sniff out a poser from miles away, adores Lidia and discovered her through Lidia’s television shows on Italian-centered cooking. Lidia delivers truth and beauty in all things food. My husband and I enjoyed our experience at New York’s Felidia in the city, and though we’ll be hanging our hats here in Texas a while longer, we’ll savor the best of Lidia Bastianich upon our return to New York.

Enjoy all that’s Italian this weekend and thanks to Addie for the heads-up on Lidia’s visit to Austin.


3 responses to “As for food . . . weekend recommendation from Austin’s Addie Broyles

  1. Addie definitely knows her stuff!

  2. I lived in Missouri for much of my life and never went to her restaurant in Kansas City. What a shame!

    I’m bummed I have to miss her events this weekend. I hear she’s fantastic.

  3. Oh, no!! You’ll catch up with a Lidia menu one of these days.

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