Recipe Risk

Jane Manaster shares her take on  . . .

risky recipes

Selecting a recipe online is such a temptation and such a gamble.   Even experienced cooks eager to try something new can be lured into making bad mistakes. My latest failure was bran and raisin muffins.  I trawled one site after another, rejecting the recipe ones that could live in the refrigerator for six weeks (perish the thought!) and the ones that demanded a whole packet of bran cereal. I didn’t want ingredients that stipulated fat-free, sugar-free, and egg-free as I always reckon too much ‘free’ ends up being taste-free as well.

At last I found the seemingly perfect one. Yes, I had raisins and molasses and all the basics. The recipe omitted to mention allowing the cereal to soften for a few minutes in the milk. I knew I should have trusted myself rather than the printed word. But I didn’t. The poor little muffins didn’t proudly rise in their paper cups.  They just sat there looking singularly unappealing, like poorly mixed cornflakes-and-chocolate-crisps; They tasted just as I imagine sweetened doggie treats would taste. Woof!

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2 responses to “Recipe Risk

  1. I remember some of jane’s other failures too…I think there was an avacado pudding in there somewhere, as well as a disgusting meatloaf with a mustard and mayo topping, and I never did like that chocolate cake that was supposed to be extra moist due to the Miracle Whip in it (Miracle Whip is evil, evil stuff…)

  2. That reminds me of the time I worked foolishly to prepare an asparagus tempura served with a mayo sauce. My kids wouldn’t touch it.

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