Get your Cub cake on

Pasta Cake

Here’s a sample of one of the cakes from last year’s Pack 61 Father-Son Cake Bake in Austin. The father-son Scout team that turned out this spaghetti and meatballs confection lives and loves the real version of pasta and this cake shares a slice of their story. Dad works in the world of pasta.   I’ve seen this version of “pasta cake” decorated cleverly as a full size bowl of pasta as well as cupcakes–fabulous cupcakes by Summer. Here’s a link to get you started if you’re looking for ideas for this year’s Cub Scout Father-Son Cake Bake. Get your Cub cake on and have a look at Ciao Chow Linda’s recipe and directions.


One response to “Get your Cub cake on

  1. Here’s a question that came up regarding the Cake Bake . . . What if the Scout has no access to “father figures” to work on the project? If I were queen for the day, I’d say let’s make sure all the Scouts have a chance to participate. Besides . . . some Scouts with “pastry chef” fathers come out way ahead of Scouts who could be paired with other family members who’ve never baked anything beyond their skin while poolside. I’d like to believe that packs would all focus on the true intention of these programs-which, as I understand it, is to provide Scouts with experiential learning opportunities.

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