Lingering horseradish

The aroma of horseradish loves to linger, and it’s impossible to disregard its presence when in close range of the fields of this lovely root plant. It’s almost festival time, and the good people in the business of horseradish are planning to bring on the spice again. I’m especially curious to see what hot dishes surface in the 2010 horseradish cookbook. If you’re planning to hit this Southern Illinois festival and taste the latest samples, enjoy what’s hot in horseradish.


2 responses to “Lingering horseradish

  1. There is nothing like good horseradish;
    especially the kind raised in Illinois. Horseradish sauce served with corned beef and cabbage is my kind of a meal!!Of course, served with soda bread.

  2. Try spiking your next salad with a dash of blended horseradish.

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