Order up . . . New design spices up The Cookery

Hello, friends!

With a new season in mind, I’m re-launching my site and blog with an enhanced design and fresh menu at The Cookery.

It’s been my pleasure to collaborate with Imedia Web Inc. of Austin, with the talented Robert Lopez taking the lead. We’ve been working on the new look over the summer, and I’m excited to share the results of the design for my writing and editing site, maryannebner.com, as well as some new design twists at The Cookery.

Drop by this fall to sample a healthy collection of affordable food ideas, anchored by recipes that I’ll be testing and sharing at The Cookery.

Peace in our hearts and at the table,

Mary Ann


6 responses to “Order up . . . New design spices up The Cookery

  1. The new design is terrific! Congratulations and may the new beginning be
    even better than the last!

  2. Cheers to that and thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for the “shout out”…

  4. Truly my pleasure, Robert!

  5. Hey Mare-
    Love the new design of the Cookery. I’m enjoying going back and reading some of your blogs that I’ve missed over the last few months! My mouth is watering (and I’m now very hungry, thank you very much!). I’m missing you cousin! xxoo

  6. Thanks, Kath. I’m putting your additions to The Cookery to good use. Extra measuring cups-Thank you!!

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