New Year Wishes and Dishes

Best wishes in 2011, Cookery companions.

I hope the closing weeks of 2010 found you around the table with friends and family. We celebrated the final stretch of 2010 with hot tamales in Texas, and started the new year with mountain roast coffee in Colorado. It’s time to flip the switch back on at our own Cookery, and there’s some major restocking in order.

Have you checked your spice inventory lately? Some of my spices have lost their zest, and I’ve started to rotate those expired flavors out of the pantry. My launch into new year wishes and dishes begins with a racy Cambodian Lemongrass Curry, discovered on the shelves at Savory Spice Shop in Austin.  It may sound on the high side to drop $6.25 for a 2-ounce bottle, but the kicky blend delivers. If you’re anywhere near W. 6th Street in Austin, stop in and give it a taste.

Peace in your new year. Here’s to food on the table for all who hunger.


6 responses to “New Year Wishes and Dishes

  1. Love and peace to you and yours, Mary Ann!!

  2. All our thanks, Kath! Guess what’s sitting on The Cookery counters today? Very little. They’re all free and clear as they should be . . . ready for prep. Kitchen Ready!!

  3. sounds great… what’s on the menu?
    I’m trying a new recipe this evening… pearl barley with peas ‘n edamame!

  4. Are you still hosting a booth at the farmer’s market?

  5. Kathie Carnes

    Yes… the start of the market’s season is the beginning of May! As always, we look forward to an abundance of locally grown vegetables! Back here at home, Jer has been very busy in the greenhouses preparing all of the plants for their “awakening”.

  6. Lucky locals! My garden table looks a little lonely this spring.

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