Farewell food keeps Austin real

When the task turns to hospitality, Texans go the distance. In the midst of prepping for our return journey to New York, friends have shared home-cooked meals around their tables, served brisket from the smoker, and tucked restaurant gift cards into our bags. Thank you for all that, friends! It’s been a fueling farewell of  protein-packed plates. Need a few simple but nourishing ideas to send friends and family on their way? These farewell power boosters worked for us:

Brisket, beans, and sliced watermelon

Baked chicken, Southwest salad, and roasted baby potatoes

Low Country Boil

Tom’s Low Country Boil sent us properly on our way out of town. How far did it take us? That final hearty meal in Austin took us happily down the road for 879 miles, and we’re fueling up before returning to the highway for the next leg of the journey.

Invite friends over for dinner, take a cup of soup to a neighbor on the mend, and please join me in sharing with those in need of a healthy meal. Peace and thanks to all who are keeping Austin real.


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