No-recipe recipe for one hot dish

This no-recipe recipe transforms potatoes into a great hot dish. And as Mama often says, “Honey – There is no recipe!”

Hot German Potato Salad

. . . just boil some taters (6-8) with the jackets on . . . cool enough to hold and remove skins . . .  and slice them into a bowl. Fry a generous amount of bacon, until crispy . . . remove bacon and drain on a paper towel. Make sure you have plenty of grease (bacon, of course, in pan . . . saute chopped medium onion in the grease . . . keep flour close at hand to add to the bacon/onion/grease mixture, as well as a 2-cup measure, filled with 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 cup water (blended). The amount of flour added depends on the amount of bacon grease you have available. (Skip the lean bacon.  And as for turkey bacon consumers  – give it your best effort.) It’s just like making a roux or making gravy.

Chop up green onions…about 8-10, and add green part to potatoes. Boil 2-3 eggs, peel and chop, and fold into almost finished salad… add pepper to taste. Pour gravy over all, mix, and serve!


2 responses to “No-recipe recipe for one hot dish

  1. Yummmmmm – Hot German Potato Salad….can’t wait to try that recipe! I am sure the whole family will love it. Your recipes from the “Cookery” are always terrific!

  2. We’re making it a meal. Thanks!!

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