Another year of keepin’ it alive and real

It seems as if there’s a constant parade through The Cookery, which keeps the place lively, but the parade to top all was the march of these little penguins.

Marching Through The Cookery

Under the direction of our sweet cousin, Kathie, the kids made these edible marchers (with inspiration from out of olives, cream cheese, carrots, and peppers. With festive fun, we’re marking another year of keepin’ it alive and real around the table. Today mark’s The Cookery’s fourth anniversary, and it’s been a great year to share. Hitting the road proved challenging at times, but throughout the course of our travels and cooking out of the chuck box for several months, we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to break bread with many friends and family members over the last year. Our kids even had a chance to mind their table manners with two grandmas and grandpas and two great-grandmas. Not always easy when we live so far apart. Cheers to life and peace and keeping it real.


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