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Share a summer salad

Need a flavorful #salad to share at your table? Toss one up with chickpeas and let this salad work like a meal.Minimized chickpea salad


Getting wild about maple

Backyard maple syrup

Backyard maple syrup

Wild about maple? Let maple syrup be the perfect springtime transition on your table. Check out my latest Cook On food column and break out the syrup with me.

Bring on spring with maple syrup

Capture your sap before you end up with sapsicles.

Capture your sap before you end up with sapsicles.

There’s more than one way to get your maple fix, and a maple syrup tasting may help bring on spring. Spending spring break in Montreal and Vermont may prove to be a great way to savor maple from rustic sugar shacks, but locals can also soak up the taste of maple syrup in New York’s Hudson Valley. Big producers make tapping trees look easy, and it’s not complicated, but the process demands patience and attention. You can tap your own trees with the basics, and kits for tapping include spiles and covered buckets. Our primitive maple tapper used existing household items to tap and capture sap.

sap tap

sap tap

Cold nights and sunny mornings contributed to the success of the process, and boiling the sap down produced light golden maple syrup.

For perfectly pure maple pleasure . . . try this . . . warmed maple syrup drizzled over baby greens.

Make your next tasting party a maple fest.

Make your next tasting party a maple fest.

The glazed syrup turns out the perfect salad. If you can’t tap your own trees, find a way to welcome spring with pure maple syrup.

Couture’s Maple Shop

The Vermont Country Store

New York Maple

Strawberry bliss

Berries aren’t forever, and our somewhat local strawberry fields have nearly reached picking limits at the close of their strawberry season. We managed to find a few Texas strawberries just in time this week at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. The berries provide plenty of reason to be thankful, but what I really appreciate is Sweet Berry Farm’s candor when it comes to fire ants.

I give this farm top points for sharing an inconvenient truth. Here’s to berry picking and future harvests at the farm.

Try this salad recipe with your fresh strawberries.

Date night gets luscious with this simple salad

Sweeten up the menu for date night with Medjool dates. Dates may be nature’s candy, and I hesitate to calculate the calories, but ever since I started craving these while I was a puffy pregnant woman, Medjool dates remain near the top of my all-time natural favorites list. If you can find them fresh, you’re off to a sweet date night. Toss this trio of ingredients and share The Cookery’s simple salad for your own version of date night.

Date salad

Date salad

Date Salad

5 cups fresh baby spinach leaves, rinsed and dried

8 ounces crushed pineapple (drained)

2 cups (about 10 medium to large dates) Medjool dates, pitted and quartered

Thoroughly spin-dry spinach leaves for a crisp salad. Toss ingredients and serve immediately.

Best price on pomegranates

Crimson beauty

If you can beat this price on pomegranates — $1.50 each — please put your hands in the air. Pomegranates do seem like a luxury of rich comfort, but Sprouts makes them look affordable in Austin this week. I love adding pomegranate to salads and spiking sauces with pomegranate juice. But the real reason for this week’s haul is kid friendly.

Pomegranate rewards

Pomegranate rewards

My kids love to tap the seeds (we call them seeds!) out of this succulent crimson fruit. Fun, healthy, and this week . . . affordable.


I’m rounding up the ingredients to prepare fattoush and hoping to find just the right produce to toss into this beautiful salad. Fattoush is light and colorful with the perfect crunch to stand alone as a meal.